Clinicas del Sol - Servimed - Cayo Coco

Cuba is a leader in medical tourism with a network of specialists and health centers for visitors receive excellent health care.

They offer quality treatments, techniques with the cutting edge of technology, modern facilities with competent and caring staff, and most importantly, at a fraction of the price.

Servimed offers services sought by travelers, ranging from a simple consultation, health check to complex specialized surgeries.

International clinics offer medical aid quality, diagnostics and personalized treatments fit your requirements.

Clinical guarantee emergency medical care and take care of all arrangements for the admission of a patient in one of the units in the national health system of the country.

In Cayo Coco, the clinic is located at the Hotel Colonial Cayo Coco (formerly Blau Colonial). There is a medical and dental clinic open from 9am @ 5pm every day. It is not required to reserve in advance, at least for basic care. Access to Colonial Cayo Coco hotel is guarded. You must arrive at the gate and tell the guard that you are going to the clinic. The access is open to the general public. You do not have to stay at the hotel.

To contact the clinic in Cayo Coco : (53 33) 302 158 or (53 33) 301 311.

Here is the list of services and prices for the following treatments ...

General medicine ...

Consultation with MGI 25 CUC
Price for the following consulatation 20 CUC
Consultation and a full analysis 250 CUC

Blood sampling ...

Blood test 30 CUC
Creatinine 10 CUC
Cholesterol 10 CUC
Triglycerides 15 CUC
Urinary infection 7 CUC
Blood sugar 10 CUC

X-ray radiography ...

Torax x-ray 25 CUC
Electrocardiogram 30 CUC
Mammography 70 CUC
Ultrasound screening for prostate 70 CUC

Dental Clinic ...

Examination of the teeth and gums, including early diagnosis of oral cancer 25 CUC
Ultrasonic cleaning, massage and interdental gingival showers 50 CUC
Treatment of abscesses 30 CUC / 40 CUC
White cavity (depending on size) 20 CUC / 50 CUC / 75 CUC
Extraction of teeth for children 10 CUC
Repair of dentures 30 CUC
Replacing teeth and cleaning 20 CUC
Replacement of a crown 80 CUC
Recementation pin of the ring and sleeve 25 CUC
Treatment of sensitive teeth 15 CUC
Treatment for the lips and mouth lesions produced by the sun 20 CUC

Clinicas del Sol - Servimed
(Hotel Colonial Cayo Coco / Latitude: 22°32'42.32"N / Longitude: 78°22'34.17"W)

Satellite imagery of the services in Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo.

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