Ranchon Las Coloradas Bar & Grill

Ranchon Las Coloradas | Playa Las Coloradas | Cayo Coco

A restaurant with a magnificent view on the most beautiful beach of Cayo Coco, Playa Las Coloradas. A « beach ranchon » style restaurant accompanied by Cuban musicians Latino America Canta in a very friendly environment. A perfect place to relax!

Ranchon Las Coloradas is located few steps from the new hotel Pullman Cayo Coco and about 700 m east from the Melia Cayo Coco (1 km from the hotel Sol Cayo Coco) in the eastern sector of this popular island in Cuba. The site is easily accessible by foot because Playa Las Coloradas is 2.5 kilometers of dense sand, ideal for walkers. There are currently three hotels in Playa Las Coloras.

This restaurant, under the management of the Cuban company Catec, has been there for several years. We visited this Ranchon in 2010 during our stay at the Melia Cayo Coco. The lobster was delicious and affordable.

If you want to drink wine instead of beer, it is possible to buy a bottle of « Entre Rios » for about 4 CUC at your hotel’s shop. We bought a bottle the night before and kept it refrigerated in our little fridge for that special lunch. Note that there is a small bathroom located few steps from the restaurant.

Several grill-style meals on charcoal are offered such as lobster, chicken, fish, hamburger, etc. accompaniment of rice and vegetables. The restaurant is open daily from 9h to 22h.

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¡ Buen provecho !