Sitio La Guira (Ranchon Los Marquez)

Ranchon Canchanchara | Sitio La Guira | Cayo Coco

This restaurant is located at the site of « La Guira », few kilometers south of hotels in the central area of Cayo Coco, Playa Flamenco (Memories Flamenco Beach Resort, Pestana Cayo Coco and Melia Jardines del Rey).

Sitio La Guira is a reproduction of the Cuban countryside with few small huts in the style of the old coal workers which occupied the region in early 1900. You can do a horse ride, admire the animals they roam the site and children can enjoy an amusement park. There is no fee to enter the site, but the bar and the restaurant are not part of your all-inclusive package at your hotel. It is even possible to rent a hut for 17 CUC a night including breakfast.

This site is very easy to identify the main road connecting Cayo Guillermo to Cayo Coco, as you can see in this photo. You can get there by the panoramic bus (5 CUC per person / per day. Ask the driver to drop you at the Sitio La Guira), scooter or by foot for the guests at the hotels in Playa La Jaula (not Playa Flamenco).

The « Dotto Train » used to go there and to all the hotels in Cayo Coco, but it is no longer the case. It only travels now in the hotels in Playa Larga and Playa Las Coloradas.

The restaurant offers a view of the beautiful gardens of the site. The purpose of this site is to show you the Cuban countryside, but on the island of Cayo Coco. The Meals and drinks offered are more elaborate than in other restaurants in the area. We enjoyed this place and it worths a visit.

You may contact the Sitio La Guira at: (53 33) 301 208

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