Discover Cayo Cruz!

Cayo Cruz is a small island located North of Cuba (province of Camagüey) in the archipelago of the King’s gardens (Jardines del Rey in Spanish). This archipelago is already home of several destinations, Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo and recently Cayo Santa Maria. Cayo Cruz is currently connected by a long causeway into the sea that connects the island (in its center) with Cayo Romano and finally to the main land (village of Brasil). We flew over this area of Cuba in August 2009 during a flight from Montreal to Holguin.

Cayo Cruz is an island of only 32 km2, roughly the size of Cayo Largo located south of Cuba in the archipelago of Canarreros. Cayo Largo is well known for its kilometers of pristine and virgin beaches. The beach of Cayo Cruz is facing East. Its southern part is made of mangroves and swamps with over 4 km of beaches that are most likely to remain virgins!

The project has already started. There will be six hotels (5,550 rooms) on the island of Cayo Cruz (and six on Cayo Paredon Grande) to be served by Cayo Coco airport (roughly 2x closer than the Camaguey international airport). Bridges (there are several) are currently under construction (or reconstruction) to connect the island of Cayo Coco to Cayo Cruz.

The well-known fishing club in Cuba, Avalon, offers excursions to Cayo Cruz since 2010.

Great news for lovers of new Cuban destinations! However we have to be patient, the first hotel is forecasted to open in 2017. We will closely monitor the development of this tourist destination.

We will surely be there for the opening of the first hotel in Cayo Cruz!

Normand & Lily